*sends WINNER anon hug for tomorrow*

Ugh YG better let them debut them soon *shifty eyes* we're all waiting for these next 5 dorks to ruin our lives

Don’t worry anon, they’ll debut~~
and yes well I think they’ve already ruined a lot of lives orz.

Fantastic Baby

Wendy (Red Velvet)


wendy - fantastic baby

it would be kinda hilarious if sm debuted red velvet on august 1st expecting a showdown with winner but then on august 1st winner debuts some new teasers. but i also want winner to just debut already so ;_;

LMAO oh geez that would be pretty amusing ^^
but yes I want their debut too! At least we know that the wait will be worth it~

Do you know at what time WINNER exactly debut on August 1??

No, I don’t think we got a time.  We only got the date :/

shsshhhshhshhhssshhh please don't say that i want to at least have hope for SOMETHING next month i'm tired of waiting

I think we will get /something/ on Aug 1st, but I’m just not confident that it’ll be a debut heh.  But I think they’ll debut by the end of August~

(Pre-WIN) Blonde Taehyun ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

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Countdown to WINNER’s debut D-2 WINNER TV Ep. 9